Somi Somi

With summer fast approaching and this crazy heat wave going on right now in Los Angeles, it’s only fitting to treat yourself to some good ice cream to stay cool.  But not just any ice cream, soft serve ice cream served on top of a taiyaki that is!  Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake that tastes very similar to a waffle, and Somi Somi in Koreatown took it to the next level by combining it with ice cream.  I ordered one to share with my husband and todder, and to be honest I wish we had one more, it was that good!  I chose true milk + green tea swirl with red bean filling and it was amazing.  The soft serve was extremely smooth and creamy which complemented the texture of the taiyaki so well.  It’s such a simple concept yet the combination of flavors and textures makes this dessert so delicious and stands out from the ordinary ice cream on a cone.  I will definitely be back for more the next time I visit Koreatown!


FullSizeRenderTrue milk + green tea swirl with red bean filling – $5.95


620 S. Western Avenue, Suite 208-A

Los Angeles, CA 90005


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