My Top 5 Matcha Soft Serve

Summer is in full swing which means it’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of matcha soft serve to satisfy my cravings.  Keep reading below to find out my top 5 places in LA and OC for the best matcha soft serve!


5.  Matcha Matcha

5. Matcha Matcha$5.50

The soft serve at Matcha Matcha is smooth and creamy with a decent amount of matcha flavor.  One of the things that I like about this place are the toppings that you can add to your soft serve.  You get to choose two free toppings from a wide selection that include matcha crumble, matcha cake, matcha mochi, sweet red beans, and almond pocky sticks, just to name a few.  I decided to go with almond pocky sticks and it paired perfectly with my matcha soft serve!

400 Baldwin Ave | Arcadia, CA 91007


4.  Somi Somi


The matcha soft serve from Somi Somi is a special one.  It has good matcha flavor with great consistency, but the highlight is the pairing with the taiyaki cone.  I wrote a more in-depth blog post about the Somi Somi soft serve and you can read it here.

620 S Western Ave, Suite 208-A | Los Angeles, CA 90005


3.  Matcha Love

3. Matcha Love$4.50 – large

The flavor of the soft serve from Matcha Love is a bit on the lighter side, but the texture is super smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of sweetness.  Matcha Love is located inside the Mitsuwa Marketplace where there are many great dining options, and finishing your meal with delicious matcha soft serve is just perfect!

665 Paularino Ave | Costa Mesa, CA 92626


2.  Midori Matcha Café

2. Midori Matcha$4.50

There’s so much hype around Midori Matcha Café and I can see why.  They serve up a pretty awesome matcha soft serve that is super smooth and creamy, and it pairs so well with their waffle cone.  The matcha flavor is great because you can taste a slight bitterness from the matcha that is offset with the perfect amount of sweetness.

123 Astronaut Ellison S Onizuka St, Suite 101-C | Los Angeles, CA 90012


1.  Tea Master Matcha Café & Green Tea Shop

1. Tea Master$3.75

The matcha soft serve at Tea Master Matcha Café is EVERYTHING and my ultimate #1!  It has amazing matcha flavor with a generous amount of matcha powder dusting on top.  If you look really closely you can actually see the real matcha powder that is in the soft serve.  It’s super creamy, delicious, and it’s organic.  This is by far the best matcha soft serve that I’ve had outside of Japan, it’s so good!

450 E 2nd Street | Los Angeles, CA 90012

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