Maui Photo Diary

My family and I recently traveled to Maui for a family vacation and I finally had a chance to upload some of the photos from the trip.  My husband and I travel to Maui around once a year for vacation alone without our 2-year-old son, Lucas, but this time we decided to take him with us.  It’s the first time taking him on a trip with us and his first time flying on a plane, so I’m sure you guys can guess my anxiety level the days leading up to our departure.  To my pleasant surprise, he was a trooper and did fairly well on our five-hour flight from Los Angeles to Kahului, Maui.  I would be lying if I said it was a breeze traveling with a toddler because it was quite exhausting at some points.  But it was totally worth it to see how happy he was to experience such fun and new adventures.  Overall, we had an amazing time just hanging out by the beaches with turquoise blue water and chasing those epic Hawaiian sunsets.  Keep reading below to see some photos and snippets from our Maui family vacation.


1. AlohaALOHA!  Lucas’s first trip to Maui!

2. Ka'anapali OGCatching the sunset with dad.  Ka’anapali Beach, West Maui

5. Lahaina 3They had the whole beach to themselves!  Still can’t get over how beautiful the ocean is in Hawaii.  Lahaina, West Maui

6. Lahaina 4 (2)Big footsteps + little footsteps.  One of my favorite photos from this trip, Lucas was walking alongside his dad on the beach.  Lahaina, West Maui

7. Honokowai 1These Hawaiian sunsets are just crazy beautiful!  Honokowai, West Maui

8. Ho'okipa 1Ho’okipa Beach, North Shore Maui – one of my husband’s favorite spots for surfing on Maui.

9. Ho'okipa 2Ho’okipa Beach, North Shore Maui

Ho'okipaHo’okipa Beach, North Shore Maui – on most days you’ll frequently find Hawaiian green sea turtles just lazing around the shore at the far end of the beach.  It was so fun for Lucas to be able to get so close to one of these amazing creatures!

PaiaSunset at Paia, North Shore Maui

10. Maui Ocean Center 1Lucas had his very first aquarium experience at Maui Ocean Center, the aquarium of Hawaii — and he loved it!

11. Maui Ocean Center 2

13. Maui Ocean Center 4Open Ocean Exhibit at Maui Ocean Center

14. Maui Ocean Center 5Huge stingray swimming over the Open Ocean Exhibit!

RainbowHawaii is known as the rainbow state, so of course the rainbows you see here are going to be epic.  I caught this photo just as the rainfall was coming to an end and the sun was beginning to peek out.  If you look closely enough you can see a double rainbow!!

15. Honokowai 2Another beautiful sunset at Honokowai, West Maui

16. Honokowai 3This little guy definitely learned to love the beach on this trip.  He was chasing one last sunset before heading back home to L.A. – Honokowai, West Maui


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